Polystyrene cake foams/dummies can be useful to the cake decorator as they are perfect for decorative purposes or just simply to practise on or give extra height to your exciting cake. At My Delicious Cakes we have a range of sizes 3″ High or 4″ High to choose from in our cake foams/dummies so you are bound to find the perfect size and shape for your needs.

Cake dummies can be used for a variety of different purposes from decorating practice, or making displays for windows etc. Our range of circular and square cake dummies of varying sizes give you some great options.

Polystyrene cake foams/dummies are a necessity of cake decorating! Whether adding an extra level to a cake or creating a fake, cake dummies are a must-have!
When it comes time to decorate your cake or simply just to have something to put your cakes on at My Delicious Cakes our, Black, Gold, Silver and White boards are perfect. They also come in a range of sizes.