Gold & Silver Leaf comes in booklets and is available in Loose Leaf and Transfer Leaf. Loose Leaf is where the leaves of Silver are placed between the pages of the booklet and Transfer Leaf is where the leaves of Silver are adhered to a piece of waxed tissue and then put between the pages of the booklet. The size of Leaf available, 80mm x 80mm, these are also available in two thicknesses, standard leaf being 300g and a thicker leaf at 500g. Genuine Silver Leaf will tarnish and so is only suitable for interior use and will need protecting with a varnish. Although Genuine Silver Leaf is thicker than Genuine Gold Leaf the application is exactly the same, where as a gilding size is thinly applied to the surface and once a dry tack, like a tack of a post-it note, it is then ready to take the Silver Leaf. Genuine Silver Leaf is completely harmless when eaten and is deemed safe by the European Union under E174. This is getting more and more popular as an edible food additive and decoration to garnish all types of dishes, cakes and chocolates.