Have you already got your cake done, MISSING SOMETHING? Add your very own custom designed edible cake image and take your delicious cake to the next level! Our easy to use EDIBLE frosting sheets have a tapioca base and are gluten, dairy and GMO free. We then use edible inks to print on the sheets just like paper. They can be cut with scissors and then placed upon fondant or butter cream icing with royal icing or a cake decorators glue. PLEASE NOTE EDIBLE CAKE IMAGES DO NOT GO IN THE FRIDGE AS THE MOISTURE WILL AFFECT THEM AND MAKE THE COLOURS BLEED.

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15 Cupcakes 44mm Diameter

20 Cupcakes 40mm Diameter

24 Cupcakes 38mm Diameter

A3 Round 25cm's Diameter

A4 Round 18cm's Diameter

A3 Rectangle 25cm x 45cm