24 Cupcake Box


This 24 cupcake box is a great presentation box for cupcakes. It is a one piece self-closing box with a clear plastic window on the lid so you can showcase your cupcake designs. The clear plastic window measures at 390 x 280mm and is square with rounded edges. This box comes with a separate cupcake insert which has a hole to sit your cupcake in the box comfortably. 
It is made out of a high quality paperboard stock and has a gloss white finish and is food Grade Approved. 
The dimensions if this one cupcake box when assembled are 475 x 350 x 10mm (Length x Width x Height) and are sold separately.

Please note when these Cupcake Boxes are shipped or posted these boxes are Flat Packed

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Weight 220 g
Dimensions 49 × 46 × 0.5 cm