Colour your flowers and cake decorations simply by dipping using this Dipping Solution.

Dipping Solution is a food grade alcohol (99.9% pure) which can be used to dilute confectioners glaze for use as a sugarcraft dipping solution or to thin paste colourings to form an edible paint / liquid colouring.

With this ingenious dipping solution you  can colour your fondant and create food safe paint.

You can add any type of food colouring to the dipping solution including liquid colouring, gel  or powder to form a coloured solution. Then to colour your Fondant or modelling paste, simply dip into the solution and you will be left with a glossy, vibrant finish.

The dipping solution is particularly good for colouring your sugar flower petals and leaves quickly and easily by dipping them rather than hand painting them. You can also do the same with other decorations such as edible jewellery and cake toppers.

When mixed with a lustre dust you can also use the dipping solution as a food grade, edible paint that is perfect for hand-painting designs onto your cake or to use with stencils.

To use, simply pour some of the dipping solution into a jar, preferably with a wide top as it makes it easier to dip your flower petals. Then add a little colour and stir. Add more colour if you want a darker finish. Then dip your flower petal and leave it to dry. If you are looking for a more vibrant finish, try dipping it again once it has dried.

If your colouring does not dissolve completely in the dipping solution, try adding a little water to the mix to help make it more soluble. 

The bottle contains 70ml and can be resealed after using.

Store in a cool dry place.

  • PLEASE NOTE this product is an extremely concentrated alcohol – use and store responsibly – keep out of the sight and reach of children at all times
  • classed as edible but please do not drink – it’s much stronger than vodka but nowhere near as pleasant and could cause serious injury.

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