Isomalt Crystals Clear (Over the Top) 400G


Over the Top isomalt is used to make hard candy and pulled-sugar items. Make your own sugar diamonds, edible gems, pulled sugar, and as a sugar substitute in baking. Over the Top isomalt has 50% less calories than sugar. Isomalt crystals have a high resistance to humidity and will not crystallise. Once stored you just reheat the required amount to a liquid pouring state to use it.

Colour: Clear

 Size: 400g

Using instructions: Place the isomalt crystals in a heat proof container. Place the container in the microwave and heat it in small bursts until completely melted. Pour the melted isomalt into your selected silicone moulds and wait for it to set, before turning the isomalt decorations out of the mould.

Warning: Heated isomalt is extremely hot, thick cotton gloves are recommended for use.

Tip:  To colour clear isomalt crystals, add some gel colour to it. 

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