We have a wide range of different accessories available which will make your cake look even more amazing than it currently does. We have accessories such as Bride & Grooms, Edible Images, Cupcake Accessories, Sprinkles and much more.

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  • Cake Boards

    Cake Boards (27)

    CAKE BOARDS If you’re making or decorating Cakes you will understand that every cake Decorator needs a range of cake boards to put their cakes on. Our range of Black, Silver, & White cake boards in Round, Rectangle & Square, are strong and will support all cakes as well as being a great price.
  • Cake Boxes/Cupcake Boxes

    Cake Boxes/Cupcake Boxes (30)

    Cake Boxes/Cupcake Boxes are a necessity to all cake maker's! Professional presentation is important and good quality Cake Boxes/Cupcake Boxes boxes always help the cake/cupcakes look great, are hygienic and help protect all your hard work from any mishaps. If you produce or sell food or consumables, then food packaging is an aspect of your business, you simply can’t ignore.…
  • Cake Decorating Classes

    Cake Decorating Classes (9)

    At My Delicious Cake & Decorating Supplies we have a large range of Cake Decorating Classes available to help you improve your Cake Decorating Skills. We welcome all students from Novices through to Professionals. In all Cake Decorating Classes our students will leave their class with a cake/cupcakes that they will be proud to show their family and friends. Our most…
  • Cake Foams/Dummies

    Cake Foams/Dummies (12)

    Polystyrene cake foams/dummies can be useful to the cake decorator as they are perfect for decorative purposes or just simply to practise on or give extra height to your exciting cake. At My Delicious Cakes we have a range of sizes 3" High or 4" High to choose from in our cake foams/dummies so you are bound to find the perfect…
  • Dusts & Glitters

    Dusts & Glitters (63)

    ROLKEM POWDERS, DUSTS AND SHIMMERS... Add a touch of sparkle and shine to your decorations and cakes with our range of dusts, shimmers, sparkles and powders. Our range of edible dust powders can be used on a wide range of surfaces. Most people tend to use them on fondant for cakes and cupcakes but you can also use it on…
  • Edible Images

    Edible Images (148)

    These fantastic edible images for cakes will give your cake that professional look in seconds and would be a big hit at your special occasion. It is made from edible icing, just remove the backing sheet and place it on your frosted cake or ice-cream cake. This edible cake image is Kosher Certified and FDA approved and contains no known…
  • Essences & Flavours

    Essences & Flavours (12)

    Add vibrant flavor to your candies and baked goods! Unlike diluted grocery store extracts, LorAnn's extra-strong flavorings are concentrated - "A little goes a long way!" The flavorings you will find in our "Super Strength" line of candy oils include natural food-grade essential oils (such as Peppermint Oil), flavors made with natural ingredients (such as Pear, natural), and artificial flavors…
  • Fondant/Icings

    Fondant/Icings (17)

    Create the cakes of your dreams when you have the Mondo Fondtastic Premium Rolled Vanilla Flavoured Fondant. The Fondtastic Premium Rolled Fondant is a quality, non stick, pliable fondant icing that produces a smooth elegant finish. It is available in a wide range of vibrant colours and tasty flavours. Specially formulated with excellent elasticity and will not dry out or…
  • Gold & Silver Leaf

    Gold & Silver Leaf (6)

    Gold & Silver Leaf comes in booklets and is available in Loose Leaf and Transfer Leaf. Loose Leaf is where the leaves of Silver are placed between the pages of the booklet and Transfer Leaf is where the leaves of Silver are adhered to a piece of waxed tissue and then put between the pages of the booklet. The size…
  • Natural Food Colours & Sprinkles

    Natural Food Colours & Sprinkles (22)

    Our Natural Food Colours & Sprinkles, Pearls, Sanding Sugars and Kibbles are free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. They’re gluten free, dairy free, egg free, nut free — and most are vegan too! The colours are strong, vibrant and natural — a great alternative to existing colours and sprinkles on the market that contain nasty chemicals and additives. Hopper…
  • Piping Bags & Piping Nozzles

    Piping Bags & Piping Nozzles (33)

    PIPING BAGS & PIPING NOZZLES LOYAL STANDARD cotton pastry and decorating bags are favoured by professional chefs and home users. These are our most durable and hard wearing bags. These bags are very versatile and can be used for piping both hot and cold products from mashed potato to cream and icing. They are particularly good for piping products with a thick…